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Monday, June 22, 2009


Woke from a nightmare
Unable to find sleep
Staring back into the face
Of arrogant silent darkness

My heart pounds in my
Chest a hundred questions
Refusing to release me
Back to resting quiet peace

The tannic acid taste of
Fear fills my mouth like
Coppery pennies sucked
By a childish tongue, bitter

Can't shake this feeling of
Dread, of loss, of absence
abcess something missing
in myself, was it ever there?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walking Wounded

life is having
his way with me
while I tend wounds
and pray for rest
this game is no fun
hands tied this way
behind my back

my world is spinning
out of my control
I am defeated by
not a full frontal
attack I can defend
a team of snipers
at every new turn
unexpected angles

life thrusts and parries
taunts me with laughter
I am weary to the bone
Tired of waiting for
the next advance

I have no strength
to lift or hold these
weapons any longer
as this legion tramples
me an army of one

I cannot breathe
or hear the sounds
of coming rescue
I have hoped will echo
rising over the hill
they may be too late

I face these demons
life has assigned me
on my own clinging
to the hope they will
at least leave me
to rise once again
after he’s had his fun

Poetry Prompts

Grab a word or phrase from this ever- changing list, and write a poem of your own. Be sure to let me know where I can read it in the comments section! I'll feature poems I love right here on the site, and link back to your site, too!

1. Meteor Shower due tonight, Tuesday, August 11, 2009. Write a poem about shooting stars.

2. Choose a cliche' and switch it up. For example: Instead of "just a drop in the bucket" try "just a grain of rice in the jambalaya". Now use this new phrase in your poem.

3. Pick three key items from your childhood memories of summer. Use them in a poem.

4. Start with a line from your favorite poem. (You could cheat a little and choose a line from a novel.) Recycle that line into a first line for your poem, and start writing.

5. Begin with the words, "He said". Then switch to "She said." Use this as a launch for a poem about opposing views.

6. Looking Through the Glass -- write about what you see through a window, a drinking glass, a pair of eyeglasses, a fishbowl or in a mirror... any sort of glass will do.

7. Write a poem where the sounds of the words are as important as what they mean. There's no wrong way to do this, just listen to your words and have fun with it.

8. Grab a book of poetry and choose a favorite, or look up a poem online. Select five words from that poem and incorporate them into your own.

9. Check out Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry Prompts.

10. Check out Totally Optional Prompts!


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Awards and Publications

Won third place in the Facebook poetry contest hosted by Facebooker's Guide to the Poetry Universe, with the poem "Winter Sleep".



by Lisa Beaudoin @DancingWithPens

Autumn leaves fly
in the wind, blow
across the land, crumble
under foot, and color
soil in shades alive.

Pages flutter,
as books are read,
folio all, tapestry
of words, sprinkle
silently across sight.

People wisp away
from our life, littering
memory with faint
remnants, crumbling heart,
and stalling soul.

© 2009 Lisa G. Beaudoin

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