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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Insult to Injury

gaping wound in me
invisible seeping blood
pain so constant seems
normal, easy to forget
this is the real reason
I have no more strength
why I cannot breathe
carrying it for so long
I don’t recall the blade
or hand, the original cut

I neglect to bandage it
no time to heal no caution
no protection in the storm
until one careless word
a strike that bites and cuts
I can’t even discern intent
awash in pain, defenseless
I curl, drenched in blood
can’t stem the flow how
can a heart bleed so much

will no one notice this
bleeding broken piece
of me spilling out?
must every one smile
and blink and nod
and keep walking past?
will you ask whether
you slipped and cut with
your sharp edged words
perhaps even apologize?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waiting for Rain

I sat on the porch last
night for an hour watching
the lightning chase itself
across the sky.

The sticky heat clung to
me like a bed sheet
the strong storm
creeping over the
horizon toward me.

Promising rain and
coolness it lingered
long before it ever
delivered too long
as a trickle of sweat
slithered down the
back of my knee.

I watched and waited,
and longed for you.

Occasionally a breeze
would tousle the tops
of the trees, and tease
the flag on the flagpole
but it would peter out
before reaching my skin
and I'd beg in a whisper
"Come on... rain!"

The wind grew stronger
tangling my hair against
my shoulder lifting the
heat from my skin
before letting it settle
again like a blanket.

On the edge of my chair
face toward the sky
I waited impatiently
for the first cooling drops.

As the first one struck
the ground at my feet
I stepped into the yard
raising my arms
to embrace you.

Faster, harder they fell
splashing against my
skin like kisses, on my
arms, neck, cheeks, eyes.

Open mouthed I caught
them on my tongue while
the wind whispered in my
ears, your voice, your words.

I stood this way until the rain
soaked through my clothes
and drenched my skin
damp hair clinging to me
the wind making me shiver
with your delicious touch.

I watched the clouds blow
slowly past, thunder rumbling
in the distance and whispered
a request to this wind and rain
to this storm on it's way to
where you are---please carry
messages of love from me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Winter Sleep

coldness of silence
without a coat
wind gusting wildly
skin stinging icy red
with every breath
my chest cries out
in agonized protest

curled into a tight ball
I shiver, shudder wait
tempted to let winter
lull me to sleep, escape
trying to convince self
it is short term, temporary
soon the sun will come

aching for the drip, drip
thaw of springtime light
and the growing warmth
of morning when I hear
the voice of truth whisper
that the ice is gone and
winter just a nightmare


Won third place in the Facebook poetry contest hosted by The Facebooker's Guide to the Poetry Universe. Awarded 10.4.2009.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Raw, Unedited, Incomplete

from my lonely seat in the corner
through the coffee shop window
the outside feels like, looks like rain
the sun is there still shimmering
summer heat dancing on the pavement
but shadows loom darker than before
brooding and restless, the atmosphere
is weighted with leaden anticipation
my sanguine half wishes the warm wind
would scatter the clouds and usher blue
back into to the sky but I’m conflicted
my melancholy half hopes heaven will split
and the winds will rage, grant permission
to the storm and to me, to shout at
the top of my lungs with the thunder,
release my storm instead of pretending
all clear and sunny, in this hour alone
I sit and imagine a violent storm would be
preferable to forced cheer I don’t feel

New Angle

the world around me
wants to tilt and
coffee cups and keys
chairs and shoes
and ideas set in stone
want to slide off
their firm foundations
want to slip into a void
of confusing questions
darkness beyond black
I cannot ignore it now
this shaking up of
all I thought I knew
I cannot curl into myself
hide inside imagination
I need a rope a lifeline
someone’s hand to hold
someone who recognizes
a bit of me in their self
sees their self in me
while the world around me
shifts and sets it all awry

Poetry Prompts

Grab a word or phrase from this ever- changing list, and write a poem of your own. Be sure to let me know where I can read it in the comments section! I'll feature poems I love right here on the site, and link back to your site, too!

1. Meteor Shower due tonight, Tuesday, August 11, 2009. Write a poem about shooting stars.

2. Choose a cliche' and switch it up. For example: Instead of "just a drop in the bucket" try "just a grain of rice in the jambalaya". Now use this new phrase in your poem.

3. Pick three key items from your childhood memories of summer. Use them in a poem.

4. Start with a line from your favorite poem. (You could cheat a little and choose a line from a novel.) Recycle that line into a first line for your poem, and start writing.

5. Begin with the words, "He said". Then switch to "She said." Use this as a launch for a poem about opposing views.

6. Looking Through the Glass -- write about what you see through a window, a drinking glass, a pair of eyeglasses, a fishbowl or in a mirror... any sort of glass will do.

7. Write a poem where the sounds of the words are as important as what they mean. There's no wrong way to do this, just listen to your words and have fun with it.

8. Grab a book of poetry and choose a favorite, or look up a poem online. Select five words from that poem and incorporate them into your own.

9. Check out Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry Prompts.

10. Check out Totally Optional Prompts!


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Awards and Publications

Won third place in the Facebook poetry contest hosted by Facebooker's Guide to the Poetry Universe, with the poem "Winter Sleep".



by Lisa Beaudoin @DancingWithPens

Autumn leaves fly
in the wind, blow
across the land, crumble
under foot, and color
soil in shades alive.

Pages flutter,
as books are read,
folio all, tapestry
of words, sprinkle
silently across sight.

People wisp away
from our life, littering
memory with faint
remnants, crumbling heart,
and stalling soul.

© 2009 Lisa G. Beaudoin

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